Oneshot – a bucket full of sunshine (1/1)

Title: a bucket full of sunshine
Author(s): yasukochiyo, takehiko_arashi (AO3)
Pairing: Uzumaki Naruto/Uchiha Sasuke
Warnings: mild sex scene.
Rating: PG13
Summary: They should've locked the door.

"Ah, yes, ah, Naruto-," Sasuke choked back a gasp as the man buried inside him thrust deeper and deeper-

"Papa?" A small voice asked from the doorway of the couple's spacious room. "Daddy?"

The raven froze in his daze. He locked it. He swore he heard the satisfying click of the lock as Naruto shoved him into the room and proceeded to leave a trail of the most obscene hickeys in history. Well, he was as sure of that as he had been sure of the fact that when Naruto and he started their relationship the raven would be top. So, he was wrong on so many different levels. Nonetheless, the Uchiha unhooked his ankles from his blonde's shoulders and kicked said blonde out of him.

"Itachi? Why are you here?" Sasuke tried to keep his voice the steady baritone that it was, and he certainly didn't feel tempted to revert back to the squeaky voice in the throes of ecstasy. Certainly. Ignoring his husband scrambling to cover his junk with bedsheets, Sasuke focussed completely on his shy little boy.

"I couldn't sleep, Daddy. The monsters were everywhere tonight. They tried to devour me!" Despite his evident terror, the Uchiha-Uzumaki couldn't contain his smugness at the fact that he pronounced "devour" without stuttering.

For the past week, the little red-haired boy had been having nightmares about monsters attempting to eat him. Apparently these monsters had big beautiful faces, with long blonde hair and eight shaved legs. A.K.A Regina George. Apparently, she threatened to eat him if he didn't like her Instagram photo. Oh, and she also claimed to know a way to get someone's hair off they're head and make sure it never grows back. Terrifying, isn't it? Sasuke thought so too.

"Okay, okay," Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed the space between his two eyebrows. "You can come sleep with us, but you have to wait a bit for Papa and Daddy to change... Some stuff, alright?"

Itachi nodded his little head furiously before scurrying off to kidnap his panda, watermelon, Winnie the Pooh and frog plushies.

Naruto over indulged his children.

"Hurry up, dobe!" Sasuke snapped, eyebrows furrowing as watched his husband rip off the sheets and throw them in the washing basket, along with his and Sasuke's now-soaked pajamas. Throwing on a black tank top (with the Uchiha crest standing proud at the back) and a pair of not-women's tights. Sneaking a glance at the future Hokage, the raven saw a smidgen of something-that-we-all-know-isn't-milk on his tan back. Resisting the urge to lick it off, he merely left him to his own devices.

Soon enough, their boy came back with his posse of pillows in tow and a squealing exclamation of "sleep-over!", jumping into the expanse between his parents' bodies.

Just as the two adults were drifting off to sleep with Itachi snuggled between them, when, "Do you know Suzuru? He's part of a long line of shinobis. His papa is Rokiro Izani. That's why he's Rokiro Suzuru. But he's mean, really mean. Do you know what he did to me? He took the prettiest crayon, the blue one, and then scribbled with it on my paper! And I was drawing a pretty picture with flowers and Enoki-chan and Hizashi-kun and Kagura-chan! But Misa-chan wasn't in it, b'cus she also took it to colour in her hair in her stupid pictu-"

And it went on and on. One would think that the couple could just fall off to sleep, but their fiery toddler instantly shook them awake when he saw his beloved parents going off into dreamland. Naruto knew Sasuke could snap at their boy like he would said blonde, or Sakura, or Kakashi, or the stupid flower girl at their wedding who ate dango while walking down the aisle.

He could do it easily, but Naruto knew he wouldn't, because Sasuke would never be able to watch his child's eyes well up with tears or watch his tiny fists come up and rub away the big crocodile tears. Sasuke wouldn't ever be able to watch that, because he loved his family too much to let that slip away. And that's what Naruto loved the most about Sasuke.

Drabble – aeviternal (1/1)

Title: aeviternal
Author(s): yasukochiyo, takehiko_arashi (AO3), asianbutnotasian (AFF)
Rating: PG13
Warnings: swearing, mentions of non-existent sex, drunkedness
Summary: Changminnie?
Author's note: Purely speculation on my part. Basically what I think actually goes on in an idol's mind. Sorry if it's short.

Sipping wearily from his green soju bottle, he banged his slender fingers on his keyboard successfully typing out "afvfgtguinvdsfghji" in the Google search bar. Bringing his sweaty palm to rest on his creased forehead and then sliding it down into his once-styled and stiff hair. Dropping his slippery bottle to the floor, waiting for the resounding crash against the tile floor, and then lifted his head to his bright screen once again. Typing in "homin", he waited patiently for the stupid circle to start spinning faster and actually load the fucking page. He knew what he was waiting for though; something that will make him pull out his hair and a new reason to open up the fridge and pop open four new bottles of soju, courtesy of Kyuhyun and his hope of a party.

The page loaded and the idol's face was flooded with sites and pictures of him and his fucking charasmatic leader. Clicking on one of the sites, he saw the words "fanfics", "yunho", "changmin", "NC17" and "fluff". He compelled his hand to move the mouse to click on one of the first links. Words appeared, paragraphs formed, authors notes apologised for "this weird thing I wrote at 5AM. lol, sorry >.<". His sharp hazel eyes skimmed the statements, questions, exclamations, observations. His left eye twitched at the line, "falling to his knees, the Hallyu idol let his head of now-pink hair touch the tiled floor as he breathed out, his exhaustion from his regular "kiss, make-out, fuck and practice Champagne dance routine" with his younger counterpart shone through".

He clenched his teeth in frustration. Did this fucking idiot know anything? He wasn't even in the Champagne video, even though Yunho was in Rise as One. Just proves how fucking desperate the company was to promote "HoMin" and "brotherly love". It was shit, all of it.

Yunho and Changmin were close, well who wouldn't be? After thirteen years together and seven years alone together, compromise was inevitable. They knew each other from inside out, but they didn't want to see inside, for sure. They were like brothers, they had gone through a lot together—and no, he did not mean the heart-breaking split of TVXQ. It wasn't as tragic as described.

Sure, the five of them were the best of friends, but Yunho and Changmin were adults, they could understand that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu wanted to follow a different path to their friends. Life wasn't as disappointing, depressing and saddening as almost every Cassiopeia assumed. In fact, life was pretty great. Rich? Famous? Handsome? What more could he ask for?

Sure, a large portion of his fans were ahjummas, but who cared? It was 2016, they had debuted in 2003 and the decrease of their popularity was unavoidable. It would be nice if there were more teenage fans like in 2004, if the fans were not so focussed on bands that were mere copy-cats of legends. But, that was just wishful thinking. It wasn't necessary for that kind of popularity, he had enough money to keep his family and himself happy, enough fame to be kept in the news and good looks that got him to dump every girl he ever dated.

Sometimes it was awkward; to be surrounded by these new debuting boy bands and elders of his who only debuted in 2011. It was awkward because he was their sunbae-nim, but they were his hyung. Sometimes he felt old, especially when he was with Kyuhyun and Minho and not to mention, Suho. They debuted later than him, and they were more popular than him. Sure, they came from the same company and they were the best of friends, and they did the same things, but if they said something innapropriate, it would be a scandal. If he said something similiar to that, it was seen as mature. He didn't want to be seen as immature or childish, but the fact that what they say could be a scandal is proof that they're bigger than him now. That no one cared about TVXQ anymore. In fact, Changmin was sure that the only way for him to garner attention was to throw himself off a bridge or become critically wounded in a car accident.

He didn't want attention, he wanted to be acknowledged again. Acknowledged as someone with talent, as a legend, as a senior. Maybe someone with an amazing voice like Junsu, or someone who was kind-hearted like Yunho. Maybe. But what made him stand out? Some saw him as sexy, others as smart, others as that-guy-who's-always-around-Yunho-oppa. In short, he wanted to make a name for himself, and not the one given to him by fans.

He didn't like the way fans saw him; cute, adorable, immature. It was probably the most fake part of kpop. What fans didn't realize was that every single kpop idol was an adult and they, yes, acted childishly—but, for who? So much acting was put into the production of a kpop band. To be in a kpop band, you had to be able to convince the viewers of your character, of your set personality. To the entertainment business, your ideas, your personality, you opinions didn't matter. Well, in SM it didn't matter.

What if idols didn't want to be fake? What if they wanted to be like Western stars, where you could speak your mind about alcohol, grooming habits, sex. It would be awkward at first, but wouldn't it be a step in the right direction? Shouldn't freedom of expression be a step in the right direction.

Maybe. Maybe not. Changmin took another swig of his soju bottle.
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Oneshot - you're my only sunshine (1/1)

Title: you're my only sunshine
Author(s): yasukochiyo
Genre: Romance, fluff, family life
Pairings: Uzumaki Naruto/Uchiha Sasuke
Rating: K+
Warnings: none
Word count: 9000+
Summary: in which Naruto and Sasuke aren't that bad parents.

Kids are annoying. They always have been and they always will be, even if they're yours. They'll whine and beg for attention, they'll demand food, they'll spill your favourite hair gel, even when you tell them explicitly not to touch it.

That is Uchiha-Uzumaki Sasuke's quote of the day.

Okay, to be fair, Naruto didn't give them clear enough instructions when saying, "Get the peanut butter out. It's in the cupboard."

Unfortunately, the Sharingan-user's spouse forgot to mention that the cupboard they were looking for was in the kitchen, not the bathroom. And he forgot to mention that peanut butter was brown with little crunchy things inside it, not sky blue with bubbles inside it.

"Hey, teme! Teme! Where's my orange shirts from the academy?" Naruto's loud and aggravating voice filled the former rouge ninja's ears. "I want to give it to Itachi and Misaki to wear for their first day!"

Sasuke shot up out of their bed, jaw clenched and eyes narrowed in fury. "There is no way that I am letting them wear that disgusting shirt on their first day, dobe!"

"That shirt is awesome! They should wear it with pride on their first day of the academy!"

"No! They are wearing the hand-sewn shirts with the Uchiha crest at the back! Whether you like it or not!"

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke got out of bed and pulled on his cotton, white, short-sleeved jersey (with the Uchiha crest sewn expertly on the back) and padded towards their joined bathroom where his spouse was searching frantically for the stupid shirt. But that wasn't why the Uchiha was staring with hidden amusement; it was because he was searching in their medicine cupboard.

"Dobe, in the medicine cupboard? Really? All your going to find in there is panado and asprin," Sasuke resisted the urge to stare wantonly at the blonde's naked torso.

Naruto didn't receive the opportunity to respond because, just then, a high pitched squeal erupted from the vicinity of their children's bedroom.

Just on time, thought Sasuke. The Sun wouldn't shine if Uchiha-Uzumaki Misaski and Itachi didn't have an argument over something stupid.

Rolling his eyes once again, Sasuke walked out of his bedroom and continued down the wooden floors of his hallway to the blue painted door with the sloppy words: 'Itachi and Misaki's room.' Coincidentally, Naruto wrote that. Stuck all around the words were stickers of kunai, swords, butterflies, Uchiha fans, flowers, smiley faces and, strangely, a poster picture of Mean Girls, once again, strangely, put up by Itachi.

Clutching the rusty door handle (Sasuke reminds himself he has to oil that) he opens the door and spots his daughter shouting at a giant bundle underneath mountains of blue sheets.

"You're such a baby! It's just the first day of academy! We'll know all the peoples going there from pre-academy school!" Misaki screamed, balling her tiny hands into fists and literally putting her foot down.

"I don't want to! Suzuru and Inami are going to be there and they are mean to me! They took my play kunai away and I had to lie to Papa and Daddy about them! And you didn't help!" Itachi sniffed and curled deeper into his ball.

Apparently the two didn't realise that their Daddy was standing right there, listening to every little word and inwardly gaping at said words.

"What is going on here?" Sasuke's stern and disapproving voice echoes throughout the small room.

The black haired girl slowly turned her head and looked at her one father, her baby blue eyes lighting up and dulling in one nanosecond. "Daddy! Ita's being a big baby! Tell him to get up!"

"Itachi?" As soon as he heard his Daddy's voice, the little boy jumped from the bed where he was previously huddled in and into the not-so-open arms of Sasuke.

Said man nearly collapsed from the extra weight, but managed to hold the red haired Uchiha-Uzumaki firmly on his hip, all while allowing the child to bury his face in his father's neck and wipe his tears on the collar of his jersey.

"Sasuke? Why is Ita-chan crying?" Naruto frowned and looked at his spouse's face for a response. Not garnering one, he turned to his sobbing baby. "Baby bear? What's wrong?"

After a few minutes of silence came the feeble reply, "Misa is-is not being nice!"

"He doesn't want to go to the academy," Sasuke finally drawled out, unconsciously rocking the fire-red haired boy like when he was an infant.

"What? Why not? I thought you were both excited?"

"Ita is scared because some peoples took away his kunai when he was small! But I can get why they did it; b'cuse he's a big baby!" Misaki stuck her tongue out and put her hands on her hips, just like Sakura obaa-chan did.

"Stop calling your brother that, Misa-chan! Ita-chan doesn't like it!" Naruto frowned and attempted to look stern and angry.

"Naruto, talk to your daughter. I'm taking Itachi downstairs," Sasuke said, gripping his son tighter and turning towards the door.

"Ne! Sasuke, why when they do something wrong, they're my children, but when they do something awesome, they're yours!" Naruto whined.

Sasuke ignored him and continued forward, carrying his baby boy (though he would never say that out loud) downstairs to the kitchen and setting him on the counter top, his feet dangling idly while he rubbed his eyes.

"Now tell me what happened." I'm sure you can guess who said that.

"Suzuru-kun and Inami-kun aren-aren't nice. They say it's weird that Papa and Daddy have different hair from me and they say Misa isn't my sister and they say I'm funny because I like to sit and read by the big tree and because I don't like to play Skip and they say it's weird that I like to spend time with Enoki-chan because he's in a wheelchair and he has pretty hair," the child took a deep breath and continued.

"They say I'm stupid because I read and they say Enoki-chan is funny looking and they say Kakashi ojii-san and Sakura obaa-chan are weird because Kakashi ojii-san was Sakura obaa-chan's sensei and they say Misaki is a lot better because she plays Skip and they-"

"Okay, okay. That's enough," Sasuke said. "So, how long has this been going on?"

"From when Daddy came and brought us our lunches from the academy and when you brought my book about the-the drah, the dray, the dra-"

"Dragons. And do you sit with anyone under the big tree when Suzuru and Inami come and pick on you?"

"Yes! I do!" Big blue eyes looked at him, sparkling with hope. "I sit with Kagura-chan and Hizashi-kun and sometimes Kakashi ojii-san brings Enoki-chan over and we wheel him up and down and up and down and up and-"

"And does Misaki come and sit with you?" Sasuke opened the fridge and took out some eggs and grapefruit as soon as he saw Itachi eyeing the cookie jar.

"No, not ever! She only sits with me when she wants to take the crayons or when we have to write about all the weapons awesome ninjas like Papa and Daddy use!"

Getting out a frying pan and spatula, Sasuke cracked the eggs over the pan, careful not get any shell into it. "Is Misaki mean to you?"

"Yes! Misaki always calls me a baby and sometimes she stands by Suzuru and Inami and looks! She's mean!" Cue another fit of tears.

"Okay, okay. Come here," Sasuke lifted his son into his arms and brought his small plate with eggs and grapefruit with sugar on it. They sat on the couch with Itachi on his lap and Sasuke started to feed him the pale pink grapefruit. "Listen, in future, come and talk to me or Papa about these kinds of things, because what happened there is called bullying and it's not good. And you can't face all your fears by running away, that is not what I taught you. So, you're going to go upstairs, and we'll all have a talk and then you're going to get ready for school. Okay?"

Itachi nodded wordlessly around his fruit.


Misaki liked to play and do fun and exciting things, things that often caused her to get into trouble (cough, cough Naruto cough, cough). She was also one of the best students in her class, that is, at physical combat. She wasn't, however, so skilled at the written and oral work done (or to be done) as, say, Itachi. To put it simply, she was downright jealous of her little brother and wanted to put him in his place.

It wasn't to say that she didn't love him, I mean, he was huggable and probably had the biggest eyes in the world. But, nonetheless, you can't have the younger sibling showing up the older one. It just wasn't right.

That's pretty much all there was to Misaki's side of the story. Thankfully, Misaki wasn't good with words when attempting to apologise to her baby brother, so she just have him the biggest hug ever.

So, Sasuke decided, as he watched his twins hold hands as they walked off to their first day in the academy (ten minutes late, no less), that Naruto and he weren't that bad parents after all.

Precious: Chapter Three

Title: Precious
Author(s): yasukochiyo
Genre: romance, drama, friendship
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Jung Yunho/Shim Changmin
Warnings: none.
Summary: Barging in at midnight, soaking wet and cold was definitely not JYJ's style, especially when they were interrupting something quite... precious.
A/N: Sorry, it's so short - this is my first fic and I don't have a lot of time, so.... I'm definitely going to try and update though. Again, really sorry!And I could really use some help with formatting on mobile!

Changmin ran his soft fingers over the cotton towels in front of him, fingertips savouring the tender feel of the expensive fabric. For a moment, he felt calm and serene; as if his three lost friends weren't waiting in their lounge, shivering and tense, as if it was just another regular night with Yunho, in which his band leader had merely spilled a few drops of wine on his jeans. Yes, that must have been it - but, why were there three towels?

The tall maknae drew in a deep breath and started moving forward, out of the lavish bathroom and down the wooden tiles of the hallway, towards the bright lounge, where four dark figures contrasted defiantly against the harsh light of the bulb screwed tightly into the ceiling.

"Here," he mumbled, stretching his arms out so each could take one.

No one moved, until Junsu took a brave step forward and, with trembling fingers, gripped the cotton towel and pulled. The towel fell into his hand like water, which was ironic, because immediately after he used the towel to soak up the dripping droplets of water on his face and body. Jaejoong glanced shyly over to Changmin and Junsu, before taking multiple steps forward and quickly grabbing one of the towels displayed in front of him, eyes downcast all the while.

All eyes turned upwards to Yoochun, some glancing, others staring bluntly. The black - haired bubble of what was once happiness, shuffled his feet awkwardly and kept his eyes to the floor, along with his head and neck.

"We don't have all night, Yoochun!" Snapped Yunho, eyes closed and head tilted back, with a large hand massaging his temple.

"Sorry," Yoochun licked his lips and took the last towel gently, caressing it as if it were a small child. He brought it to his face and began drying his face roughly, the towel threatening to leave red marks on the soft face.

Yunho and Changmin stood side-by-side, just watching and waiting for someone, anyone, to say something. But no one said a word, all could be heard was the sound of a towel pressing against delicate skin and the slow pitter-patter of rain outside the SM Entertainment apartment complex.

After the session of drying was finished, Yunho closed his eyes and rested his head on the taller's shoulder. Blowing soft kisses into the skin, he simultaneously nuzzled his nose into Changmin's neck.

"Two of you have to sleep on the couches and another can take my bedroom," Changmin said, his voice sharp and his words cutting. "I'll get you bedding for the couches later; who's sleeping where?"

"I-I'll sleep on the couch," said Junsu timidly, hands shaking and lips pursed.

"Me too," Yoochun said at last, licking his cracked lips and then proceeding to bit the bottom lip.

"Fine, Jaejoong-hyung, take the left corridor and my room is on the right."


"W-Wait, where are you two going to sleep?" Junsu asked.

"Not that it's any of your business, we'll share Yunho's room," Changmin whispered, adam's apple bobbing.

Just as the still-Tohoshinki's members were about to turn and leave, a voice stopped them.

"Yunho, we need to talk about the-," Jaejoong's voice was cut off by a mumble that escaped through clenched teeth.

"We'll talk about that later, for now - just go the fuck to sleep."
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Precious: Chapter Two

Title: Precious
Author(s): yasukochiyo
Genre: romance, drama, friendship
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Jung Yunho/Shim Changmin
Warnings: none.
Summary: Barging in at midnight, soaking wet and cold was definitely not JYJ's style, especially when they were interrupting something quite... precious.
A/N: Sorry, it's so short - this is my first fic and I don't have a lot of time, so.... I'm definitely going to try and update though. Again, really sorry!Andi could really use some help with formatting on mobile!

The three former friends of the infamous Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin shuffled in shakily, hands grasping the straps of their backpacks and eyes downcast. Said singers stood to the side, watching wearily as each individual made their way into their personal space. Hearts were beating furiously and eyes throats were clogged with angry remarks which would cause a chain reaction of tears.

Yunho closed the door slowly, eyes glued to the floor and slim hands gripping the knob as if it was the only thing keeping him from the dark abyss.

"Hyun - no, Jaejoong. What are you doing here?"

Jaejoong bit his lip and fumbled with his fingers. "We came to... Mend the broken. Patch up old wounds."

"Real clear, hyung," Changmin snorted, but there was no amusement in his eyes.

"Please... We want to fix this. We want to remake Dong Bang Shin Ki," whispered Junsu.

Changmin's eyes widened and his slender fingers found Yunho's, squeezing tightly.

Neither of the two seemed to notice the three pairs of eyes zooming in on the movement.
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Chapter One

Title: Precious
Author(s): yasukochiyo
Genre: romance, drama, friendship
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Jung Yunho/Shim Changmin
Warnings: none.
Summary: Barging in at midnight, soaking wet and cold was definitely not JYJ's style, especially when they were interrupting something quite... precious.
A/N: Sorry, it's so short - this is my first fic and I don't have a lot of time, so.... I'm definitely going to try and update though. Again, really sorry!



It was raining. Hard. Pouring down upon the three singers like... well, rain. Trench coats soaked and dripping wet, blue skinny jeans turning black and styled hair flattened against their heads. Jaejoong stood staring at the doorbell with trembling fingers reaching slowly towards the little red button. Too scared, too terrified. Too fearful that the two friends inside were not going to forgive them, not going to accept them.

Eyes closed and lips blue, Kim Jaejoong pressed his ice-cold index finger to the bell and a loud ring echoed through the three's ears. It was the sound of JYJ's imminent doom.

A grumble and a moan came from the inside of the apartment, then the shuffling of feet and the unhooking of a chain. The handle turned and Junsu heard Yoochun suck in a breath as the door opened slowly.

"Hm... Who is it?" A sleepy Yunho asked, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Yun-Yunho," Jaejoong breathed out, his eyes sparkling as he looked at his former bandmate.

The leader stopped rubbing his eyes and froze, eyes glued closed, not wanting to face the reality.

Yunho's hand dropped and clenched. He could not face the truth of what he was hearing. He could not comprehend who was standing on his doorstep.

"Baby? Who is it?" Changmin's drowsy voice carrying from the bedroom.

Footsteps were heard and the tall maknae appeared, head nuzzled into the crook of his hyung's neck. Then, his eyes slanted and he noticed the people standing before him. His soft brown eyes widened and his whole body stiffened.

"H-Hyungs?" He choked out, lifting his head and standing tall (very tall, indeed).

Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong stared at their two best friends, their hearts bleeding and their bodies cold.

"Long time no see."
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